Flibanserin for women’s low desire: What’s the fuzz?

Last Thursday, June 4, the FDA advisory committee voted 18-6 to recommend approval of flibanserin. A step towards FDA approval. Can anyone tell me how this drug would help women to get more tump between the sheets?

I checked the results from nine clinical studies. Most women participating in the trials seem to have ‘successful’ sex three times a month. I merged the data from the clinical trials. I found that flibanserin would give 0.42 times extra successful sex events/month. I don’t see what’s so great about going from having good sex three times to three times and half?

70% of women also experience dizziness, low blood, fainting, headache. Many women quit the studies before they ended, which is an indication that flibanserin was not well tolerated.

If you want more and better sex,  I imagine explaining your bed partner what you like and how he can give it to you, may be a better approach to unlock those sexual desires….

This quick studies review reminded me of my dapoxetine review. Equally small, irrelevant clinical effects, but with possible harm. Feel free to collaborate with me on the Open Science Framework. One thing I would like to check is how other therapies for low sex drive compare.

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