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Good news, today Systematic Reviews confirmed to peer review my manuscript. The manuscript quantifies nocebo and enhanced placebo effects due to unblinding in randomized clinical trials (RCTs) for erection pills.

We found that none of the 205 journal publications (110 studies worth 23.877 RCT participants) provided sufficient details to assess measures taken to ensure RCT blinding.

To enhance the quality and allow for transparent public scrutiny, the findings are available for open public peer review. Clearly, this is an experiment under the open science paradigma. Scientists with expertise in the field of research methodology, placebo, nocebo, systematic reviews will have first interest. However, I invite any scientist to review and add comments.

Please use track changes in your favorite word processor ( this is mine 😉 ). I will synchronize deadlines with the official peer review timing so we can incorporate this public reviews’ comments. First deadline will be November 30.

More general comments can also be made below, using the comment section. I am thinking of a fair way to incorporate useful commentors, e.g an acknowledged in the publishes paper. For now, let’s start the discussion!

Find all the documents (manuscript, additional files, figures) in Google Docs

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