Scenario of commons oriented scientific publishing on researchgate

A letter to ResearchGate

A possible scenario of commons oriented scientific publishing


I further developed possible scenarios from the open peer review on. After addressing reviewer comments in a revised manuscript, I consider publishing my article on researchgate. Yes, this would be the first time an independent scientist publishes his own work on an open access platform with prior peer review and more as I will explain now.

As I advocate open science that focuses on the common value of high quality science, I would like to use a peer to peer production licence. How this would go in detail, I will discuss with Dimytri Kleiner, who came up with a license to promote commons oriented production. In my case, I produce fraud-free, high quality evidence. In essence, this would be a license were some researchgate members download the article for educational purposes. These can be students, professors at universities,… Others research members who work in commercial sectors pay me an article download fee. These can be employees of R&D in companies, a private medical practice doctor, private training entities, …

In essence, if I find a way to implement the p2p license, I can publish the article on researchgate. Of course, this could be an excellent opportunity for you guys to stir media attention.

I would be happy to discuss my idea with policy makers or anyone else at researchgate! In the end, we may see RG as a platform were scientists create use-value with their content within a beautiful RG-interface. In my opinion, the return of this value, i.e. money, should be mostly for the scientist-creator.

How can we make this working?


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